Fisherman Steve Clark has close encounter with great white shark off coast of Cape May, New Jersey (Video)

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A group of fishermen out trying to snag some mako sharks got the surprise of a lifetime on Saturday afternoon about 30 miles off the coast of Cape May, N.J., when they came face to face with a great white shark. And they have sensational video footage to back up the claim.

According to NBC10, fisherman Steve Clark of Avalon, NJ, and his team were riding aboard a 35-foot boat near a World War II shipwreck site when a great white shark suddenly emerged from the Atlantic Ocean.

An unidentified man can be heard on video exclaiming, 'He's gonna eat our chum bag!' The anglers' bag of bait was hanging just off the side of the vessel, and sure enough, the shark's head broke through the surface of the water, jaws wide open exposing its razor sharp teeth, and then the hungry fish tore into the chum bag. The video shows the shark gnashing at the chum bag until it finally rips it from the fasteners holding it to the boat, and then disappears into the depths with its free meal seemingly as quickly as it materialized.

CSNPhilly reports that the fishermen estimated the great white to be about 16 feet long. The unexpected encounter with the large ocean predator left the people aboard the boat 'blown away,' notes WPVI, as the voices heard on the YouTube video in the first clip above will attest.

Then, the shark came back and took another pass at the boat. That encounter is chronicled in the second clip above and shows another person on the boat using a small handheld device to record video footage as the shark approaches the boat. Several people can be heard marveling at the shark's natural beauty before the monster fish gets very close to the boat again.

'Watch out! He could come up! Look out!' one of the voices cautions the man recording video as the shark emerges a second time. 'Get back!' the voice screams as the shark lunges its head out of the water and then quickly changes direction. 'You guys are nuts!' When all was said and done, the shark had circled the fishing vessel for 20 minutes, NBC10 reports.

Watch all three video clips above. The shark does its best 'Jaws' impression, complete with a great shot of the dorsal fin protruding from the water in the third clip. They are nothing short of amazing.

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