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Shark tries to eat GoPro, company offers reward for return

Shark Tries To Eat GoPro, Company Offers Reward For Return

What happens when you're attempting to film a shark with a GoPro and it's ready to eat? One cameraman learned no camera is safe. CBS reports on the camera's fate, "During a new video test off the coast of New Zealand, a great white shark ate the camera. It fell out of the shark's mouth and headed to the bottom."

The 18-foot great white shark chomped on a gadget from tech company 360Heros. It combines several GoPro cameras to create an array for 360-degree videos. And the team really doesn't want people to miss out on the stellar footage. Right This Minute reports, "The guys over at 360Heros are putting out a reward -- a $5,000 reward to anybody that can recover the array and the SD cards inside."

On its website, the company even created a "Missing" ad saying, "This camera gear and its contents are far more valuable to us than they are to the sea creatures they now co-inhabit the ocean floor with (no offense to the fish and plant life)."

So if you want some extra cash, the ocean floor might be a good place to start. Although you might have to fight a shark for that camera.

Sometimes, you can get bitten by a shark and not even realize it.