Blind man overcomes disability, masters Mixed Martial Arts

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Blind Man Overcomes Disability and Masters Mixed Martial Arts

Joshua Loya might not be able to see his sword, his opponents or his students, but his mastery of martial arts is crystal clear.

Loya, who has been completely blind since he was 15, is a teacher at the Guardian Dojo in California.

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Loya has spent a decade working towards martial arts' highest honor, the third degree black belt. And this Saturday, he'll receive not one, but three.

"Martial arts isn't about being the best," he explains. "It's about being better."

Loya loves practicing just as much as teaching, which is why he has become a sensei who can teach his own students.

"If I can help somebody have more life than they had just a few moments ago, that's what gives life to me," says Loya.

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