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Travel Trip Belize Underwater

A vacation at the beach always sounds like a good time. Well, we're here to ruin that for you. There's a lot of ugly lurking in the water... Let's check it out. Starting off strong - and scary- is this guy. The deep sea viper fish. It's eyes will look into your soul after it's see-through teeth rip it right out of you. Kidding... it only grows to about 12 inches and it lives 5,000 feet below the surface so not too tough to avoid. Unless you're fish... Just don't go toward the light.

The Ugliest Fish In The Sea

And then there's blobfish. This one isn't so scary, it's actually kinda funny...and sad. It earned the title of world's ugliest animal last year. You can find this fugly fella off the coast of Australia way deep, deep down under ... probably hiding it's face.

Back to the scary stuff, though. Remember that first one that could see into your soul? Well, this guy might just do it. The stargazer fish. His creepy eyes sit on the top of his head the better to see you with. There's more than 50 species and they're found all over the world in shallow waters. So good luck avoiding these guys.

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