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7 Ukrainian troops killed in overnight fighting

MOSCOW (AP) -- Seven Ukrainian troops were killed in overnight fighting in the restive east, Ukrainian officials said Friday, as hostilities between government forces and pro-Russian rebels continued two days after President Petro Poroshenko said he would soon call a unilateral cease-fire.

Vladislav Seleznev, spokesman for Ukrainian forces in the east, said seven soldiers were killed and 30 injured in fighting against pro-Russian separatists outside the village of Yampil in the Donetsk region since Thursday. Seleznev said 300 rebels were killed, but that could not be immediately verified.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has voiced concern about the Ukrainian military onslaught, while NATO on Thursday reported that Russia was resuming a military build-up at the Ukrainian border.

Putin and Poroshenko discussed details of the peace plan in a telephone call on Thursday. Poroshenko's office said he emphasized the need for introducing effective border controls and quickly releasing hostages.

Late on Thursday, Putin chaired a meeting of Russia's Security Council, a body that includes the country's top officials, to discuss the crisis in Ukraine, the Kremlin said on Friday, but stopped short of providing details.

The U.N. says at least 356 people, including 257 civilians, have been killed since May 7 in eastern Ukraine.

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Welcome Justin June 20 2014 at 10:06 AM

Hard to claim you enacted a "unilateral cease-fire" and "300 rebels killed" at the same time. It seems the Ukrainians are waiting until they have exterminated everyone before they will even consider a cease-fire. That is sad considering the hundreds of innocent civilians they have exterminated along the way.

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biparun June 20 2014 at 10:20 AM

Time to ship those Russian rebels back to Russia. Ukrainians don't need this crap. Too many military soldiers being killed over these terrorists. Hopefully the rebels will all be exterminated before more innocent Ukrainian civilians and military lose their lives over these animals.

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rimit9 June 20 2014 at 4:28 PM

Obama will send 3 guys from the mess hall to be advisors, that should fix everything.

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sandinbox rimit9 June 20 2014 at 6:55 PM

Yes very pathetic. Ukraine will have to go its own way. It needs to get out from under Putin fascist regimes thumb. Make peace with their eastern brother...forgive and forget. Putin needs to get his thugs out of Ukraine so no more lives are lost. This is insane all for Russia's pride of losing Ukraine...now they're willing to kill the people? What kind of people are they? Will to kill their neighbors to prove their greatness. The only thing they're going to prove is that they are imperalistic /fascist murderers and Putin is the Stalin./Hitler of the 21st. Century. They really have a lot to be proud of! Murdering Chechens, murdering Georgians...trying to stop most of the ex-soviet countries from leaving the union with force. Just know why all the ex-soviet countries hate Russia. Russia and Germany have been the two aggressors in that part of the world for too long. Now it's time to stop Russia. Enough already Putin. You have enough blood on your hands. GET OUT OF UKRAINE!

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sandinbox June 20 2014 at 6:50 PM

welcome Justin....you don't know what you're talking about....It's been russians killing everyone. They have invaded Ukraine. Ukraine shouldn't protect its territory? Sad is right now Putin troll get the hell out of Ukraine now so no one else has to die for Putins dream of grandness. Putin should be hung for crimes against Ukraine!! Stop your lies...no one believes you.

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emily9087 sandinbox June 20 2014 at 9:49 PM

Hi sandibox'
You seemed to have huge misunderstanding about the situation. Those rebels are NOT pro -Russians. They are Ukranian citizens fighting the neo-nazi new government of Ukraine which completely ignores their interests

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