Toronto neighborhood watch signs altered to feature childhood heroes

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Toronto Neighborhood Watch Signs Altered to Feature Childhood Heroes

A Toronto artist using the pseudonym 'Andrew Lamb' tells The National Post that two years ago, he began noticing that neighborhood watch signs were fading -- and he decided that the blank canvas was irresistible.

Toronto neighborhood watch signs altered to feature childhood heroes

He decided to plaster over the sign's house-eye graphics with crime-fighting fictional characters, such as Spiderman, Wonder Woman, Lt. Frank Drebin, Chief Wiggum, John McClane, Mighty Mouse, Frank Seripco, Marge Gunderson.

He also featured all-around good guys, like Mr. Rogers, Fat Albert, Mario, The Hardy Boys, The Goonies, Cliff Huxtable and the Care Bears.

30-year-old Lamb says that he only uses characters from his childhood -- the 80s and early 90 -- and says that so far, he hasn't been confronted by police (despite the fact he's technically breaking the law by altering official city property).

Even those who run the neighborhood watch program praise Lamb's work, saying that anything that brings attention to the signs is a good thing.
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