Man pinched by scorpion in Walmart after grabbing a banana

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Man Pinched By Scorpion In Walmart After Grabbing A Banana

A man shopping at Walmart -- looking to save a few pennies -- walked out with a few pinches from a scorpion.

What would you do if you encountered one of these?
Man pinched by scorpion in Walmart after grabbing a banana
'Yellow Scorpion, Hottentotta species.
Shiny burrowing scorpions or Yellowlegged creeping scorpion
Desert Scorpion
Desert hairy scorpion (Centruroides sculpturatus) from Arizona.
Fat-tailed scorpion (Androctonus amoreuxi)

An unnamed man was shopping for bananas at a Walmart in Pennsylvania when a scorpion that had survived a long journey in the box grabbed on to him.

Luckily the man wasn't seriously injured. However, Walmart did offer to pay any medical bills related to the scorpion pinch.

This isn't the first shopper to find a living creature on a bunch of bananas. Back in November, a family in Britain was forced to flee their home after finding a number of deadly Brazilian wandering spiders on a banana. No one was injured in that incident either.

Still, it may be safer to just stick with apples. The worst you ever find there is a worm.

Fruit is sadly not the only problem, though. Last week, an Arizona woman found a razor blade in her Burger King salad.
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