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Navy Lieutenant surprises family a month early

Navy Lieutenant Surprises Family A Month Early

Joey Cooper and his younger sister Maddie thought they were getting the VIP treatment at a baseball game. They had no clue that it was all a setup.

KBMT reports that they were watching the Washington Nationals baseball team's batting practice when the experience took an amazing turn thanks to the arrival of an unexpected visitor.

There were tears, hugs and lots of smiles when Joey and Maddie realized that their dad was home.

Lieutenant Lewis Cooper of the U.S. Navy had been on a six-month tour in Afghanistan, and Fox News says that his kids didn't think he'd be home until next month.

"I'm speechless. I feel like I'm dreaming."
"I'm so happy he came back. I really missed him."

‚ÄčA writer for MLB claims the reunion was, "More heartwarming than every holiday movie ever made."
KCM Sports notes something that we definitely agree with: "Reuniting a soldier with his or her family after serving in active duty never gets old."