Kevin Hart in tears over roller coaster ride with Fallon

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Kevin Hart In Tears Over Roller Coaster Ride With Jimmy Fallon

Kevin Hart dropped by "The Tonight Show" and reminisced with Jimmy Fallon about their roller coaster ride together at Universal Studios.

Apparently, the comedian, a recent host of the WWE Smackdown, doesn't like roller coasters but Fallon made him ride one any way. Fallon loves roller coasters, and decided Kevin Hart should "man up" and take on his fear.

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Hart said, "I'm freaking out man!" and affirmed that he does not like roller coasters. The 'Think Like A Man 2' star was extremely nervous, and he screamed for most of the ride.

That roller coaster was the Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit that moves up to 65 miles per hour. The Wrap notes that the comedian was "lost in a world of screaming" and wishing the whole thing would end.

Luckily, Fallon reassured Hart that they don't have to ride another roller coaster ever again.

Hart was also there to promote his highly anticipated new movie, "Think Like A Man 2" which hits theaters June 20.

Watch the entire wild ride below:

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