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'Return To Amish': NYC trip costs Mary's family everything

'Return To Amish': NYC Trip Costs Mary's Family Everything

On "Return to Amish," Mary was back from her trip to New York City, where she went to nightclubs and took pictures -- two big Amish no-nos.

Mary called her trip "the best time ever" –- but her husband of 29 years, Chester, didn't think so. Chester was shunned by the community -- and lost his job -- because of Mary's partying.

Chester (In Dutch): "Is it fun going to hell?"
Mary (In Dutch): "I'm not going to hell!"
Chester (In Dutch): "You don't know."

Mary: "You're just an old fuddy-duddy."
Chester: "I'm Amish. What are you?"

Chester (In Dutch): "Just leave me alone. You've done enough damage already."

As Zap2It revealed, Mary did apologize to Chester by making him a shirt -– the nicest shirt he'd seen -– but that didn't fix the whole shunned and out-of-a-job thing.

Even so, Celeb Dirty Laundry says this does not bode well for Mary and Chester's future, as he's beginning to question her faith.

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