7 allergy-proof skincare and makeup finds to help you look fresh during a pollen vortex

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7 allergy-proof skincare and makeup finds to help you look fresh during a pollen vortex
My go-to makeup products that usually work great in the winter don't quite look the same during allergy season, when I'm battling dry patches and irritated skin. Start off with a lightweight primer that evens out your skin's texture and creates a clean canvas before applying makeup.
To prevent my foundation from caking or creasing during the warm weather, I've recently switched to BareMinerals' new tone-correcting mineral foundation. It gives me the complete coverage of a foundation, but feels lightweight like a serum.
When it comes to concealer during allergy season, I need one that not only masks redness, but also moisturizes, since facial tissues can be so rough on my nose. This one contains shea butter and coconut extract so it goes on smooth and looks seamless when I touch it up throughout the day.
Urban Decay's latest eyeliner comes in a true jet black shade, plus the creamy yet water-resistant formula glides on without tugging on my sensitive lids. The twist-up design also means you'll never had to worry about sharpening it!
This vitamin-enriched, super-gentle formula is safe for even the most sensitive eyes. Plus, it's waterproof, so teary eyes won't smudge your makeup.
I place these little masks in the fridge while I wash up at the end of the day, then apply them below my eyes for about 15-20 minutes before bed. It reduces puffiness and it's such a great quick fix for minimizing dark circles, too.
Some days my eyes are watering so badly there's no amount of waterproof makeup that will salvage my beauty look. When that's the case, it's simply best to start my eye makeup look over rather than trying to cake on fresh mascara over a a gunky old coat. I use these mini makeup remover pads just before redoing my eye makeup look in the middle of the day.

It looks like spring's warm weather is finally sticking around for good-and my itchy eyes and sniffly nose are here to prove it. Just when we thought we'd escaped winter's never-ending polar vortex, we now have to face what people are dubbing a "pollen vortex"-which means it's one of the worst allergy seasons of all time. It's hard to maintain your makeup look when pollen levels are skyrocketing, but after much trial and error, I found a few skincare and waterproof makeup products that will help protect you against the spring elements.

From a crease-free concealer to a cooling, depuffing eye mask, click through to shop some allergy-proof springtime essentials that truly work.

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