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Celine Dion responds to man who shot 'All By Myself' in airport

Celine Dion's Response to Man Who Made Airport Viral Video to 'All By Myself'

Richard Dunn, who was stranded at a Las Vegas airport, decided to create a hilarious spoof video of Celine Dion's "All By Myself." The lonely airport video went viral this week, and he got a ton of attention from the international media.

Everyone is talking about his dramatic passionate lip dub, use of scenery and his impressive one-man videography skills, but there's only one opinion that matters -- Celine Dion's herself.

The Canadian singer, like everyone else, saw the video and responded to Richard with her own video she posted on her Facebook page.

For all of his hard work, the Vegas headliner has an offer for him, "Next time you're stuck in Las Vegas airport, please be my guest at my show," she says.

Maybe seeing Celine in person will give him inspiration for his next music video.
Check out the original video here:Man Waiting for Flight Shoots Epic Celine Dion Music Video