7 tried-and-true summer outfit ideas

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7 tried-and-true summer outfit ideas
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It's summer, and we really need new outfit ideas because, let's face it -- it's so hot, we don't really want to be wearing any clothes at all. Unfortunately, that's not entirely socially acceptable (unless say, you're Scout Willis or Kim Kardashian), so we're on the hunt constantly for new inspiration. After all, what's a summer wardrobe if we're sick of it after two weeks?

We've rounded up a few tried-and-true, easy summer outfit ideas. It's nothing revolutionary, or anything you haven't seen before, but we're guessing since summer is still new, you probably forgot about some of these tricks -- for example, swapping out your skinnies for airy, strategically ripped boyfriend jeans, and going backless to retain some form of a breeze.

Click through the gallery above for some street style inspiration from our contributors. Here's 7 summer outfits that won't disappoint!

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