Military dad meets his twin babies for first time ever

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Military Dad Meets His Twins For The First Time

A military dad met his infant twins for the first time just days before Father's Day.
Military dad meets his twin babies for first time ever

Phillip and Danielle Lovato are high school sweethearts, but over the course of their six year marriage, they haven't seen as much of each other as either would like. In that time, Phillip has been deployed once to Iraq and twice to Afghanistan, and the couple has had two sets of twins.

Phillip was sent to Afghanistan exactly one week before Danielle gave birth last September, so he has never met his son Luke and daughter Ariana. So in anticipation of Father's Day, the Today Show organized a very special reunion.

Phillip Lovato isn't the only soldier returning home to meet his child for the first time.

In March, US Army Specialist Cole Tessar arrived home from Afghanistan to find his seven month old daughter, Harper, with a sign reading, "Hey, I just met you and this is crazy, but my name's Harper and I'm your baby!"

That story, just like Phillip's, has touched the hearts of many people online. it's sure to get anyone in the spirit of Father's Day.
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