Finding Frugal Vacation Rentals

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Finding Frugal Vacation Rentals
While this season can be a great time to book a getaway, it isn't ideal when it comes to finding low-cost accommodations. Thankfully, there's a way to save both time and money on your lodging.

Whether you're looking to rent a cabin or a castle, will help you find the best price. This site compares over a million listings from over 50,000 cities worldwide, scanning though rates from major rental sites like Homeaway, Flipkey, Roomorama, Wimdu and Housetrip. If one property is listed for a cheaper price on one page over another, Tripping will let you know.

In a recent search, we found a one-bedroom condo in Waikiki, Hawaii for $150 per night. That's not bad, but when we used Tripping it revealed a similar condo in the same area for only $95 a night. That's more than 36 percent less! It's deals like this that have earned the site the reputation of being the "Kayak" of vacation rentals.

Like Kayak, Tripping also features a map that shows you exactly where each property is located. However, if you're still not sure you're getting the best deal, there's a "compare with hotels" button that allows you to check the going rates of hotels nearby.

So, if you're looking for short-term lodging without the big–time costs, this site can definitely help you save on your stay.

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