It took five years, but the Ferris Bueller house finally sold

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'Ferris Bueller' House Finally Sells After 5 Years on the Market

After five years of being on the market, the Ferris Bueller house was finally sold.

The two-building home in Chicago's Highland Park played a memorable role in the 1986 movie "Ferris Bueller's Day Off."

In a classic scene, Bueller's friend Cameron Frye sends a classic 1961 Ferrari crashing through the pavilion's plate glass windows into a ravine.

The property was first listed in 2009 for $2.3 million but found no takers. The price was reduced twice before coming off the market in 2011 for some light rehab work. Then, the asking price was reduced again to $1.5 million.

The final sale price was $1 million -- less than half what it was listed for in '09. Maybe people don't want fans driving by and gawking ... or perhaps life in a glass box is just as unappealing as it sounds.

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