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'Love locks' damaging Brooklyn Bridge and posing threat to drivers

'Love Locks' Attached To Brooklyn Bridge Damaging Structure

As a symbol of their unending love, couples on New York's Brooklyn Bridge are fastening locks and throwing away the keys. But not everyone is lovin' the gesture.

"Couples will come and they'll leave these locks and throw away the key and it's said that their love will last forever. City officials are not feeling the love. In fact, they're asking tourists to stop, saying the love locks are actually damaging the bridge and are potentially dangerous."

The New York City Department of Transportation Commissioner told WABC she's worried about the number of people taking part in the act. "There has been a real increase and we're very, very concerned about it. We're removing them regularly," Polly Trottenberg said.

But, as you might know, New York isn't the first city to have problems with love locks. A Paris tourism website says the city is also having issues with this symbol of love on the Passerelle des Arts.

Back in NYC, "love locks" are becoming so popular, people are even asking vendors on the bridge if they sell them. When told the love locks are being removed, some people in New York were disappointed, but others had reservations about the tradition.

"I don't like the idea of people climbing out there. Something's gonna happen." A post on the bridge's Facebook page also asked visitors to stop. "Once again, we kindly ask that visitors to the Brooklyn Bridge refrain from attaching 'love locks' to the structure."

The Brooklyn Paper is asking people to, "lock it off." It stated that removing the locks costs money and is dangerous for the drivers below.

"Here in New York, roads officials say concern over falling locks forces them to temporarily close lanes of traffic while teams clip the clasps.

Looks like there really is a price for love ... or, love locks.