We put 3 new powerful glitter nail polish removers to the test

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These products promise to help you remove your most stubborn, sparkly, sticky glitter nail polish. But do they work?

There's nothing quite like a sparkling, shimmering, glitter nail polish manicure to lift the spirits – at least until it's time to remove all those big chunks from your nails. Generally, the most efficient way to remove glitter polish is to wrap your nails in cotton pads soaked in acetone and cover the tips in aluminum foil to really let the remover soak in– but this experience is messy, drippy and nearly impossible to do without a third hand. (Some salons even charge extra for this service. The injustice!) So instead I often find myself cursing over the bathroom sink, glitter and cotton fluff stuck to my fingers, while I feebly attempt to scrape at those last stubborn flecks of glitter.

There's now a light at the end of that glitter-removal tunnel of despair. Nail polish companies are trying to make our lives easier with the introduction of some powerful new polish removers. But do they really work? I layered on Revlon's glittery Gold Goddess with a Seche Vite base and top coat and put three new products to the test.

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