Parents 'forced' wailing 11-month-old baby to parasail by herself

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Parents 'Forced' Wailing 11-Month-Old Baby To Parasail By Herself: Cops

The above video, captured in India, shows an 11-month-old baby parasailing by herself.

The little girl appears terrified while her mother runs down the beach with her before letting her go. When she lands, the baby is seen bawling.

Parents 'forced' wailing 11-month-old baby to parasail by herself

Everyone involved, including the parents and the adventure sports company who assisted the family, are under investigation.

The mother, who reportedly has 60 hours of flying experience, told investigators she did it because she didn't want to her daughter to grow up with a fear of flying.

The company that helped the parents told the Times of India the girl was trained before the frightful flight. A senior pediatrician responded, "An 11-month-old cannot learn parasailing just like that."

That said, it's possible that no one broke any rules.

There are no fixed guidelines regarding age for the adventure sport and the parents gave their consent.

But that's not stopping police or child rights activists from taking action against them.

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