Lion must be having a pretty wild dream

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Lion Roars During Sleep Thanks to Wild Dreams

Ever had to deal with a loud snorer? Well, Hercules is about to put that noise in perspective. Apologies in advance if this makes you a bit sleepy.

Rescued African lion Hercules must have been having a pretty wild dream while he took a snooze at the Wild Animal Sanctuary in Colorado. He practically roared himself awake, much to the amusement of the people watching him.

Hercules lives in a 20-acre habitat and sometimes dreams that he is defending his territory. During these dreams, Hercules lets out impressive roars to show his power.

Uploader Pat Craig notes that "much like dogs do (where they dream of barking or running in their sleep), lions also have vivid dreams."

Does your pet snore or do anything unexpected while snoozing? Share your stories in the comments below.
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