Cat leaves a very bizarre 'kill' on front doorstep

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Cat Brings Home Marijuana

You've heard of drug sniffing dogs ... but what about cats?

A cat in New Zealand reportedly brought home a bag of marijuana and left it on its owner's doorstep.

The cat's owner handed the little gift over to police. Imagine explaining that to authorities.

There were approximately five grams with an estimated value of $130 and police plan to check the bag for fingerprints.

The news comes just after another heroic cat tale.

Last week a little boy was saved from a vicious dog attack when his cat came running to his defense and chased the dog away.

After that, you may need this dose of cute -- unlikely animal BFFs!

Cat leaves a very bizarre 'kill' on front doorstep
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The three play at Noah Ark Rehabilitation Centre after their rescue in 2001.
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