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Giant sea turtle photobombs wedding

Giant Turtle Photobombs Beach Wedding Pictures

A wedding crasher made a pretty unexpected addition to one couple's wedding photos. The happy duo likely didn't expect a giant turtle to attend their beach wedding. The photos quickly went viral when Redditor In3 posted the photos.

Photos courtesy of Jason and Kate Crowe

A giant sea turtle washed up on shore during picture time, possibly taking the spotlight off the bride for a little while. Jason and Kate Crowe chose St. Croix for their destination wedding, and got a true island experience when a leatherback turtle came up on the beach behind them while they were capturing their treasured moments.

The couple was surprised, but also thought it was pretty cool -- it's not like they were going to challenge this uninvited guest! Leatherbacks are the largest breed of living turtles in the world, and while this one didn't bring a gift, it actually gave the couple a special experience.

The Crowes say the turtle dug a hole in the sand, laid eggs, covered them up and then went back into the ocean. They didn't even have to pay extra for the National Geographic package upgrade.