Elementary school principal spends the night sleeping on roof

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Elementary Principal Loses Bet To Students, Sleeps On School Roof

Exactly how far would you go to encourage kids to read? One elementary school principal in Kansas took the challenge to new heights -- literally.

KWCH reports Principal Stan Ruff saw that the students of Skelly Elementary were slowing down on their year-end reading challenge. So he proposed an idea to raise the stakes.

Elementary school principal spends the night sleeping on roof

"We were going to try to motivate the kids," he told KWCH. So I told the kids if they reached the goal of 30,000 books for the year, that I would sleep on the roof one night."

The kids upped the ante and actually read 32,000 -- and since they held up their end of the bargain, principal Ruff had to do the same.

Surprisingly, this kind of "roof-sleeping" deal isn't new. WTXF reports five middle school teachers in New Jersey spent a cold December night on their school roof after 1,500 toys were collected for Toys for Tots.

And the Observer-Reporter says a high school teacher in Pennsylvania took a charity fundraiser to another level after the students raised $5,700 for underprivileged children.
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