'River Monsters': Up close and personal with a bone-crushing beast

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'River Monsters': Up-Close And Personal With A Bone-Crushing Anaconda

On "River Monsters," Jeremy Wade was forced to face one of his greatest fears.

JEREMY: "Look at the size of this! I've stumbled into a potential man-eater.

JEREMY: "And weighing at least 200 pounds. It's a monstrous beast."

'River Monsters': Up close and personal with a bone-crushing beast

Wade traveled to the Amazon to figure out what river monster killed a man who was found dead with extraordinary bruises on his neck and torso, and multiple crushed bones in his body.

Wade quickly discovered that other people in the area had also gone missing in the water.

When Wade discovered an enormous anaconda in the water, he could only assume that the 200-lb. beast was the likely culprit.

Tweeters were calling Wade a champ, and a beast himself, for having the bravery to get up close and personal with the anaconda.

And fans on Facebook agreed, calling the episode epic and Wade pretty much the coolest guy on TV.

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