Beachgoers couldn't believe their eyes when they spotted trained elephant in water

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Elephant Spotted Swimming In Florida

Florida is likely one of the last places you'd expect to see an elephant, but WAWS reports some beachgoers spotted one swimming in the ocean!

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Todd Unbehagen told HLN TV he and his family were walking on a Gulf Coast beach in Pinellas Country, Fla., when they spotted the surprise guest.

WPXI has the details:

The massive animal was actually part of a birthday celebration.

A woman reportedly asked the city commission back in February to sign off on having a trained elephant make an appearance for her 60th birthday.

City leaders apparently approved the request.

"We could not believe our eyes," Unbehagen said.

Unbehagen also told HLN that:

There was a professional elephant trainer there and a couple police officers for the event. It looked like somebody was having a party (private) at the beach house, and the elephant was giving rides as well to the guests.

No word on who the woman is, but she's someone we probably wouldn't mind getting to know.

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