How to get thick hair in 5 minutes or less

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Fine hair may seem like a curse, but it can be easily cured. Just look at Kate Bosworth-that girl knows how to work a blowout. With the right products and tools, you can build volume at the root with even the thinnest of hair. And when short on time, you can add fullness on your own in as little as five minutes. Here's how to get thick hair in a time crunch.

Add In Nutrients
Fine hair has a tendency to look weighed down. That's why you need to be extra cautious with your shampoo. Use volumizing formulas that remove natural oils at the root and create body without channeling The Shaggy Dog. Because the hair is comprised of proteins, a protein-rich shampoo fills in holes to create fuller, stronger strands.

Bulk Up the Roots
How to get thick hair is simple with a little product at the root. Whether it's a cream or a spray, these thickening treatments create pieciness that positions the hair over a wider surface area. Apply at the root when hair is wet or dry, scrunching the product into the hair for subtle movement.

Twist It up
When skipping product, create height by twisting the hair up and pinning. For a ponytail, twist at the nape of the neck and pull an inch up. With bobby pins, the twisted section will stay in place. For a more formal occasion, create a classic French twist. While twisting the hair up, tuck in as you move up the hair but keep the style loose. After pinning in place, gently brush your fingers through the top to add height at the root.

Volumize your hair instantly with the products and hairstyles in the gallery above.

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