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Try this 'cocktail' for the shiniest hair of your life

Many women dream of shiny, bouncy, Gisele-like hair. Thanks to everyone's favorite clear alcoholic beverage -- I speak of vodka, of course -- this dream can now be yours, at least for a single day.

A few weeks ago I was at the launch for a new hair care line, R + Co, which features products conceptualized by not one but three powerhouse hair stylists: Garren, Howard McLaren and Thom Priano. (The line is beautifully packaged and loaded with innovative products.) At the event, I struck up a conversation with McLaren, who was formerly a creative director at Bumble and Bumble. What started out as a fascinating conversation about DIY hair products based on a book he has from 1915 -- he later sent me a scan of a horrifying recipe using bear grease as pomade -- quickly progressed to a recommendation to put vodka in my hair.

According to McLaren, dumping a shot of vodka on your wet hair before you dry it will give you "the shiniest hair you've ever had." Historically a lot of hair care products have contained alcohol, but the one downside to alcohol is that it dries your hair out. Which is why he recommended saving it for a special occasion when you really need to (sorry) shine. Photo shoot? Party? Appearance at Cannes? Grab the Grey Goose. But after that, go back to your more conventional shine-inducing products if you don't want straw-like strands. (Try this.) I'd also avoid using any citrus-scented products after the vodka treatment, unless you want to smell like a gimlet.

Bottoms up.

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