The surprising thing your feet need for sandal weather

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By Model Liberation

It's sandal weather. I hope you've got your pretty little feet ready for opened-toed shoes and jeweled sandals. Oh, you don't! Let me guess, the last time you got a pedicure was Labor Day 2013. Shame on you. Just the sight of your feet would make a grown man scream. The layers of dead skin and calluses are probably so thick that you don't even know what your feet look like anymore. Stop the insanity! We've got to do something about this fast. You can either go to a nail salon and watch the manicurist make weird faces while she's working on your crusty toes, or you can take control and fix this at home. Save yourself the embarrassment and try a foot mask.

I'd heard about a Korean at-home foot treatment called Baby Foot that removes unwanted dead skin from your footsies. It works, but can take days for the icky skin to peel off your feet. The photos are really intense. I wanted to try something that wouldn't be so extreme, but would at least moisturize my dry feet. As a model, I've developed ridiculous calluses from stuffing my feet in heels that were way too small for me. You get to a shoot and the stylist says, "What size shoe are you?...Well, all I have are size 8." The torture I've put myself through for this job. Anyway, I picked up this foot mask from The Face Shop.

Click through the gallery above for a step-by-step guide on using a foot mask.

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