Chinese man sets terrifying record

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Man Breaks World Record For Longest Time Covered In Bees

You've got to see it to believe it -- or should we say bee-lieve it.

International Business Times has the details:

A Chinese man has broken a Guinness World Record for the longest time spent being coated in bees – and wasn't stung once.

Ruan Liangming sat covered in approximately 100,000 bees for 53 minutes and 34 seconds in Yichun city in China's Jiangxi province.

He also became a record holder for carrying the heaviest load of bees wearing a suit of 62.1 kilogrammes (136 pounds) of bees beating previous winner, Vipin Seth, from India who wore a bee suit of 135 pounds.

Turns out this process of putting thousands of bees on one's face has a name -- it's called bee bearding.

The process involves first putting the queen bee in a capsule and hanging it around your neck. The bees smell the queen's scent and they swarm toward her.

According to the Daily Mail, the man said:

"As long as you keep still and don't agitate the bees then all will be well. They are most gentle creatures really and extremely clever. They are sensitive to movement so I just keep as still as possible and they like to settle on me."

How do you remove all those bees? The Bee Informed Partnership, a project that works to decrease the number of honey bees that die every winter, says the best way to remove the bees is to take off the queen capsule and use a soft brush to remove any remaining bees.

We're not sure about you, but this is one record we're not looking to beat. We'll leave it to the professionals ... or people who just aren't scared of bees. Yikes.

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