Man takes epic 'selfie' over 3 years, 36 countries

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Man Takes Epic 'Selfie' Over 3 Years, 36 Countries

Your selfie game might be strong, but one guy probably has you beat.

Alex Chacón traveled for 600 days -- 125,000 miles through 36 countries -- all while documenting his motorcycle voyage with a GoPro camera at the end of a stick.

Chacón documented his travels on his blog, Expedition South, and his website The Modern Motorcycle Diaries. He spoke to CBS:

"When I first left I really had no idea what I was doing. It was more of a self discovery, but people started joining in online and it was really more about a trip for everybody. ... People were living vicariously through my travels, so I got a lot of support that way."

According to his website, Chacón took the trip before getting his doctorate and "sold everything he had at the beginning of his journey, including his car, TV and clothes and departed his hometown of El Paso Texas with nothing to return back to."

Metro says Chacón's journey was "an homage to a similar trip around South America undertaken by Argentine revolutionary Che Guevara."

Chacón's YouTube video "Around the World in 360 Degrees - 3 Year Epic Selfie" has been viewed nearly 2 million times. (Check out all his videos here, or subscribe to his YouTube channel.)

That's right, James Franco. You and your "Jimmy Dean" shirt selfie have got nothing on this guy.

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