'Deadliest Catch': The Wizard gets terrible news after successful haul

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'Deadliest Catch': The Wizard Gets Terrible News After Successful Haul

On "Deadliest Catch," The Wizard vessel, under the captainship of Monte "The Mouse" Colburn, set out to catch some crab.
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Unfortunately, they hit a snag when they realized their team set out too far after catching over $120,000 worth of sweet, sweet crab. They had to dump it all right back in the ocean, or else it would have been considered illegal.

CAPTAIN: "The pots, more than likely crab in every last one of them, we gotta dump them out before we go back to the west."

CREW MEMBER: "We just worked our as*es off to find this crap and we can't keep it ..."
CREW MEMBER: "This sucks."

Captain Colburn, who started on The Wizard in 1988, said there couldn't have been a worse way to start the trip.

Dumping and re-locating pots costs the Wizard time and money. Had the crew been within the boundaries, they would have each received $42,000 for how much crab they caught. The captain explained that all vessels are tracked via satellite and had they broken the rules, they would have gotten in trouble for it later.

Still, fans on Twitter were loving the episode -- some even eating crab from their home while enjoying the show.
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