Dive-bombing hawks force woman to wear helmet

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Dive-Bombing Hawks Force Woman to Wear Helmet

Dive-bombing red-tailed hawks are plaguing a neighborhood in Florida's Port St. John. Two people in Brevard County have been struck, and one even went to the hospital, WESH reports.
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Dan Billow reports that one concerned neighbor doesn't go outside without a helmet. Ursula looks anxiously at the sky when she steps outside, anticipating a possible attack. Up on a power pole, a red-tailed hawk takes off and buzzes her house. Those hawks are always watching.

Now, Ursula has resorted to buying and wearing a helmet. "They come with the clouds right. And voom! They strike from behind with talons and draw blood, I was crying and I hold my head. I have pain," Ursula says.

Ursula explains that she always gets attacked in the same spot, just as she's coming through the garage to her car in the driveway. "The hawks are right up there. I like the birds. They are beautiful birds" ... as long as they keep their distance, she explains.

Another neighbor got hit and bloodied and went to the hospital as a result of the birds. WESH talked to the game mission and was told that the birds do attack people. Residents found out there's really nothing within the law they can do -- and they're surprisingly okay with that.

The young hawks in the nest will be gone in a few weeks and so will the problem. "They will come next year," Ursula explains. "Maybe I go to germany this time."

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