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Adam Levine gets revenge on Blake Shelton; It involves cow manure

'The Voice': Adam Levine Gets Major, Messy Revenge On Blake Shelton

On "The Voice," Adam Levine got a little payback on Blake Shelton for tweeting out his personal cell phone number on the show a couple weeks back.

ADAM: "Look at that. That's a shiny, gorgeous..."
CARSON: "That's a beautiful truck."
BLAKE: "What the hell? Wait a minute!"
CARSON: "What's gonna go on there? Oh. This is good. What is that Adam?"
ADAM: "That's ugh... that's manure.

When Carson asked Blake what his reaction was to the manure that was just poured all over his truck, all Blake had to say was, "shut up." We can almost see him scheming how to get Adam back already.

We had a feeling -- and a warning -- from Shakira that this was coming. She recently told E! that the sexiest man alive was plotting his revenge against Blake.

Fans on twitter were cracking up at Adam's antics, though most thought this prank isn't going to phase Blake at all ... Adam just might regret this later.