How to Combat Consumer Targeting

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Combat Consumer Targeting to Get the Best Prices
When we shop online, we assume everyone's getting the same deal, but that's not always the case. In fact, some big-name retailers actually change their prices based on your location, browser history, and even your operating system. Here's how you can stop companies from mining your data for their profit.

First, you want to "disable cookies" on your browser. Cookies are small data files that get saved to your computer when you enter info like your email and street address on a website.

Unfortunately, these files also help track things like your previous spending activity, so companies can analyze and estimate out how much you might pay for an item.

To block and disable cookies, locate the "privacy" tab in your browser's settings. Here, you can turn them off either permanently or temporarily. The type of device you use to shop will also affect the prices you see online.

This is how it works: Since many retailers track your purchase history, a device you don't shop with as often, like your cell phone, won't contain as many cookies. Because of this, you might see lower prices on your cell than the ones on your laptop or tablet, so check the prices using all of your devices before you buy.

The next time you want to shop online, keep these tips in mind. You never want to let online retailers use your info to squeeze your wallet dry.

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