Rare megamouth shark caught off coast of Japan

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Rare Megamouth Shark Caught Off Coast Of Japan

A deep-water megamouth shark was captured near Shizuoka, Japan. Looking at its mouth, we have to say it was named quite appropriately.

The shark measured 13 feet long and weighed nearly 1,500 pounds. It was hauled in from a depth of more than 2,000 feet.

This is the 58th time anyone has ever seen or caught a megamouth. The first sighting didn't even happen until the late 70's.

It's turning into a whole new kind of shark week!

Over the weekend, a Florida fisherman accidentally caught a goblin shark. It's considered one of the rarest -- and ugliest -- sharks around.

We probably would've just thrown it back in the water.

Check it out below -- yikes! Talk about a face only a mother could love.

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