New Stonehenge find floors historians

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Discovery Sheds New Light On Stonehenge

There's a lot of old stuff in England, but a new discovery even surprised historians.

According to The Telegraph, scientists say they've discovered the oldest town in England ... and it dates to 8820 BC.

But what makes this discovery even more significant is that this town is just 2 miles from Stonehenge ... and the villagers there are probably those responsible for first building the first versions of the monument.

The discovery was made in what is known today as Amesbury. Scientists found animal bones and carbon dated them to get their age.

Stonehenge, as it looks now, wasn't built until about 2000 B-C. But this new evidence suggests people were inhabiting that area thousands of years earlier... and likely built the earlier wood versions of the stone monument.

Stonehenge is, of course, one of the most famous sites in the world. It is also now the area most continuously occupied by humans in Great Britain.

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