Jordanian journalists argue, break table on TV

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Jordanian Journalists Argue, Break Table On Live TV

The crisis in Syria is a tense issue, and for two journalists on a Jordanian television show, the debate became a physical confrontation.

That's right, they were using the table as a weapon. The confrontation got so intense, some of the production crew had to run on set to break up the fight.

The Washington Post said the confrontation began when one of the journalists accused the other of being a "deviant" who supports the Syrian revolution.

And Jordanian television has seen an incident like this in the past.

According to The Guardian, in 2012 a Jordanian member of parliament threw a shoe, pulled a gun and then pointed the weapon at a political activist - all on live TV.

This recent tussle between the two journalists took place on a show called "Between Opposing Opinions" on the Jordanian network 7 Stars. According to The Independent, the show "appears designed to encourage a heated debate." No arguing with that.

Jordanian journalists argue, break table on TV
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