Human behavior may mean your brain is overheated

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Yawning Might Mean Your Brain Is Overheated

A new study suggests there's science behind your yawns. Researchers in Vienna found people yawn more in the summer than winter.

Opening wide and taking it all in cools the brain and regulates its temperature for optimum functionality.

But there's a window: People yawn most when it's around 68 degrees. When it's really hot outside, people are less likely to yawn because it would have very little impact on the brain's temperature.

As for how much sleep you got the night before or how stressed out you are, those are factors that could cause the brain to overheat, thus the necessity for a nice big yawn.

As for the phenomenon of contagious yawning? Science has yet to figure that one out.

Humans aren't the only ones with yawning problems - check out these sleepy animals:

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