Farm animal gives birth to creature with eight legs

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Meet Octogoat: Croatian Goat Born With 8 Legs

Move over, Octomom. We now have Octogoat.

This goat, born last week on a Croation farm, doesn't have eight kids -- but it does have eight legs.

Farmer Zoran Paparic was understandably confused upon when the kid's mother, Sarka, gave birth.

According to the Daily Mail, he told reporters "I counted his legs and I thought I was seeing things. Then I called my neighbour to make sure that I am not crazy."

Paparic calls the kid "a miracle of nature," but ITV reports it'll take a miracle for the goat to survive.

Veterinarians believe the newborn's condition is the result of an under-developed twin sibling because the kid also has both male and female reproductive organs.

Those vets say it is highly unlikely the goat will survive more than a week. But if it does, it might go on to live for two or three years.

Paparic told InSerbia he's praying for the kid to survive so he can keep it as a pet.

He added that a few years ago, his friend's goat gave birth to a kid with two heads.

Daily Mirror reports Octogoat - who doesn't actually have a name - was born with two healthy sisters.

Paparic told reporters their mother is a lucky goat who's now given birth to triplets four times.

Hopefully, that luck passes down to the kid.

It's among a number of animal anomalies lately, including the goblin shark:

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