Officers tranquilize mountain lion spotted on street

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Officers Tranquilize Mountain Lion Spotted On Busy Street

Residents in a northern California town were advised to stay inside their homes Tuesday evening after two people called 911 to report seeing a mountain lion out wandering the streets.

KPIX reports the Mountain View Police Department and members of two other nearby police departments were able to corner the potentially dangerous animal about four hours later.

KTVU says police escorted one of the station's photographers to the area where the mountain lion was cornered. It was lying under a van while police were nearby.

KNTV says the cougar was cornered in an apartment complex's parking garage, where officials had planned to tranquilize it. Officers didn't have all the equipment needed to tranquilize the animal, though.

So, after more waiting, KGO-TV reports the game warden came with all the supplies needed to tranquilize the animal rather than kill it. As a precaution, officers had their guns drawn.

The cougar was safely tranquilized around 11:30 p.m. Tuesday. The San Jose Mercury News reports the mountain lion had a radio tracker collar, but an officer said he "wasn't certain which agency was responsible for putting it there."

An officer with the Mountain View Police Department said it's smarter for people to call authorities rather than handle the issue themselves. "Don't try to pet it. ... You're not a mountain lion whisperer. Let the professionals handle it."

The San Jose Mercury News reports officials planned to release the cougar somewhere in the Santa Cruz mountains.

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