Best Ways to Preserve Perishables

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Best Ways to Preserve Perishables
Food takes up a big part of our monthly budgets, which is why it can be such a waste when we don't get around to eating perishables before they go bad. Here are some ways to save money by making your fruits and vegetables last longer.

The reason why produce like avocados, bananas and tomatoes seem to go rotten overnight is because they release a natural hormone called ethylene. When produce is stored together, this gas can cause everything in the bunch to spoil much quicker than normal.

However, it's possible to slow this process down by using ethylene gas absorbers, like Produce Preserver Disks by ExtraLife. These soak up the ethylene gas, which extends the life of your produce and saves you trips to the grocery store. One disk can last up to three months, and they're available on Amazon for just $10.50.

Another way to help your perishables last is by storing them in Debbie Meyer Green Bags. These special bags contain zeolite, a mineral that absorbs ethylene gas so your fruits and vegetables stay fresh for up to a month.

Each Debbie Meyer Green Bag can be re-used up to 10 times, and you can get a 20-pack for only $10. That's plenty of produce protection.

So, stop throwing your money away. Try out these options and you can easily extend the shelf life of your perishables.

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