'Antiques Roadshow': Signed Babe Ruth photo worth small fortune

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'Antiques Roadshow': Signed Babe Ruth Photo Worth Small Fortune

On "Antiques Roadshow," a woman brought in an autographed photo of Babe Ruth that was signed for Harry Webber, one of the baseball legend's very first agents.
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The woman, who had the photo passed down to her from her grandfather, expected a couple thousand dollars for it. To her surprise, it was worth much more.

APPRAISER: I would put an auction estimate of this photo somewhere between $15 and $20,000.
WOMAN: "Oh my gosh!
APPRAISER: "... and I wouldn't be surprised it if sold for more ... it's that good.
WOMAN: "Wow!"

The photo was from the early 1920's and was in excellent condition, which the appraiser said was rare. He even called it "spectacular," explaining that while Babe Ruth had signed many pieces over the years, this one in particular stood out not only because of it's condition, but also because it's size and special signature, indicating it was from earlier in Babe's career.

The baseball fans of the Twitterverse were loving the photo, telling other baseballs fans to tune in to the show.

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