Beauty trend: It's all about cleansing balms

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Remember when facial oils were all the rage? Well, the beauty pack has moved on to cleansing balms, which takes all the moisturizing benefits of oils and puts them into an emollient base that helps to instantly melt away even the most stubborn makeup, leaving your pores cleaned out. And of course, there are plenty of hydrating benefits to these balms as well.

The process is a little more involved than swiping a facial wipe across your face before you pass out with exhaustion, so leave yourself a minute or two to luxuriate. Apply the balms to dry skin, massage it in, and then add water to help it emulsify. Remove it with a muslin cloth (most formulas include the cloth with the balm), and then it's up to you how much extra moisture you want to add to your skin afterward. Ready to get balmy with it?

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