Reporter's on-air blooper made him the butt of morning show jokes

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Reporter Gets Stuck In Mud During Segment

An NBC 5 reporter based in Texas got himself into a sticky situation.

KXAS's Jeff Smith was attempting to demonstrate just how low the water levels were at a local lake in Texas. Let's just say it didn't go as planned.

Looking down below the dock at the lake floor, which Smith thought was solid ground, Smith said "This should all be water." Smith then jumps onto the 'sold ground' only to immediately sink and become stuck in several feet of mud.

After briefly panicking, he collected himself and smiled -- then decided to stay put for another report before the team's photographer helps him wiggle free.

Though he was physically unharmed, his 'action reporting' became the butt of several morning show jokes, including one from the NBC crew, who rightly claimed that Smith 'stuck the landing.'

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