Why 'A113' is planted in nearly every Pixar movie

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Why 'A113' Is Planted In Nearly Every Pixar Movie

One of mankind's greatest mysteries is finally solved.

Pixar fans have been puzzled by the combination "A113" after noticing it in nearly every film and even some television shows over the past decade. From "UP", to "Toy Story", "Wall-E" and "The Simpsons."

It certainly wasn't a coincidence and a chief director at Pixar confirmed that A113 holds a very significant meaning the digital entertainment world.

It's the number of a classroom at the California Institute of Art with the first generation of animators studying graphic design and character animation. It's basically a nod to those who attended and puts their mark on the film they worked on.

Why 'A113' is planted in nearly every Pixar movie

The Today Show notes the only movie without the tribute is "Monsters, Inc." But there's also a chance it could be hidden really well.

Disney is known for splashing in a few hidden messages in its movies...

In a scene from "Monster's Inc." Boo offers Sully a very familiar toy fish (Nemo).

And in Toy Story, Mrs. Potato Head is reading a book about a familiar movie ("A Bug's Life").

We'll never watch another Disney movie the same way again.

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