Office worker in Italy records whistling tornado

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WATCH: Office Worker In Italy Records Whistling Tornado Outside

A tornado ripped through northern Italy Tuesday, sending most people to seek shelter, but you know there's always that one person. One man chose to whip out his camera, instead.

According to CBS, 'Debris swirled in the air as the twister got closer. As it slammed into the office, workers were able to get away from the windows.'

A local newspaper, Gazzetta Di Modena, reports the storm caused 'extensive damage to structures, buildings, warehouses, fields (and) orchards.'

Posts concerning storm damage were swirling following the twister.

Twitter users have been using the names of affected areas as hashtags to share updates.

Although Italy is no tornado alley, twisters are not uncommon.

According to Weather Underground Severe Weather Expert Greg Forbes, Italy has 'the sixth highest tornado density (per 10,000 square miles) of all nations where such data exists.'

The areas hit hardest have already created a special plan to remove debris between now and May 5.

Office worker in Italy records whistling tornado

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