Man discovers possum in shower bag at campsite

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Unexpected Discovery in Campsite Shower

Stephen Paice discovered a possum in a shower facility at a camping site in Queensland, Australia.
Man discovers possum in shower bag at campsite

Stephen was about to fill the camping shower with water, but luckily he looked inside first. At this campsite, the shower is a "canvas bag on a pulley system. So, you pour a bucket of water in the top and take a shower. So, I came in, ready to take my shower, and pulled the canvas bag down, and ... just before I poured the water in ... found this little fellow. Hello!"

A quick peek into the bag revealed what is either a very relaxed or utterly terrified possum. Either way, both parties sized each other up and didn't make any quick movements.

Stephen returned with his camera to film the shower invader. His response to the critter? "No shower for me today."

How would you have reacted if you came face to face with an unexpected pal? Let us know in the comments below.
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