Christina Applegate opens up about life after double mastectomy

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Christina Applegate Opens Up About Life After Double Mastectomy

Christina Applegate was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008, and she opted to have a double mastectomy later in the year. Now, she's opening up to ET about how she's coping with life after the procedure, as well as how she's helping other at-risk women.
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"I lost my mind," said Christina, 42, when asked how she reacted to her diagnosis. "I still sometimes lose my mind six years later. You look down and you have a daily reminder of everything that you've gone through."

The double mastectomy saved her life after her breast cancer was detected by an MRI when she was 36 years old. "I started getting mammograms at 30, but my doctor said 'the mammograms are not working for you because you're too dense, and so we're going to do an MRI.' It was with that MRI that I found cancer, years before a mammogram would have."

The former "Married with Children" star finds that as a mother to Sadie Grace, she worries that the foods we eat have something to do with women getting cancer so early on in life. "We have her on a completely plant-based diet," she told ET's Brooke Anderson. "It's because I want her to have the best chance possible."

Today, Christina's foundation Right Action for Women gives free MRIs for high-risk women. "Were into almost 500 now," said Christina. "We've spent over half a million dollars on MRIs, which is really incredible."

Christina admits that the cost of those MRIs has taken its toll, and now she needs to replenish. If you'd like to donate or learn more about her foundation, check out this link.

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