'Catfish: Untold Stories': Bizarre online love story seems a little too crazy

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'Catfish: Untold Stories': Bizarre Online Love Story Takes Unexpected Twist

On the "Catfish" Special, "Untold Stories," Lillian, a 31-year-old from Seattle told one of the wildest "Catfish" stories we've ever heard ... and we're not sure we buy it.

The show revolves around bizarre situations, but they usually felt kind of within reach. Plus, we normally got to see the actual people involved. With a mix of reenactments and a storyline that puts all crazy tales to shame, the show has either jumped the shark ... or found one of the most twisted people out there.

Through reenactments, Lillian explained that her boyfriend's mother, Roberta, met a man named Doug online and developed feelings for him. She used an online persona, Amber, who she described as tall and blonde to catfish Doug ... but after a while, she "killed" off Amber.

She then pretended to be Amber's aunt so she could meet up with Doug and console him. At their meeting, Lillian told Doug that she was a medium and could "channel" Amber, and that if Doug was a good person, God would allow him to see Amber in the place of Roberta. Yeah, it was weird.

LILLIAN: "Roberta decides to say that she will sacrifice her body so that the spirit of Amber can come inside of her."

You think all that was crazy? Hold on to your hats. Turns out Doug and Roberta got married and were together for seven years before things finally ended. Kind of a "Catfish" fairy tale.

Fans on Twitter were loving the hilarity and craziness of the episode, saying Lillian should run for the hills and get away from the crazy family.

Lucky for us, there's more craziness to come -- 'Catfish' returns with regular episodes May 7.

Does it matter to you if the stories seem fake, or are you entertained either way? Let us know in the comments below.

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