Tourist who gave food to 'homeless' Richard Gere speaks out

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Woman Who Gave Food To 'Homeless' Richard Gere Speaks Out

Earlier this month, Richard Gere had us all fooled while shooting his newest film. Dressed as a homeless man, he was so convincing that a tourist even stopped to offer him some food.
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"I gave my doggy bag to a homeless and the homeless is Richard Gere."

That's Karine Gambeau, a French tourist who was visiting Little Italy and accidentally stumbled onto the set of "Time Out of Mind."

The film obviously has an incredible costume designer, because we couldn't even recognize Gere in his grimy clothes. Who would have guessed it was the "Pretty Woman" star who was digging through the trash?

Certainly not Gambeau, who stopped Gere on the street and offered him her leftover chicken barbecue pizza.

She told a reporter from the New York Post that Gere simply thanked her and said 'God bless you' before accepting the pizza and moving on.

Gambeau wasn't the only person the actor fooled.

People magazine notes a newspaper salesman said Gere "looked like a natural homeless guy. He didn't seem like he was acting. He was putting his hand in the trash. He looked like a real homeless guy finding something."

In fact, Gambeau didn't even realize she'd spoken with the actor until two days later ... when she saw photos of their exchange online, according to The Independent.

How's that for a vacation story?

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